Website Portfolio

Below is some of the work I have done. My last position involved developing websites with Drupal 7, and before that WordPress, but my expertise is also programming web applications with the skills listed below under Technical Skills. (This Drupal 7 site was my main site and includes two portfolios. Developed 1999-present. It has gone through many changes.)
Service Oriented Architecture (A final project website utilizing Drupal 7 and jQuery)
Golf Ball World (This Drupal 7 site utilizes the powerful drupal_commerce module to sell used golf balls.)
Paul's Carpentry (Another Drupal 7 site in the works. Developed ongoing. It uses the jQuery cycle method.) (A Drupal 7 site I worked on while at MR Associates in 2011. Mostly CSS work on this one but I did create the Project Life cycle animation.) site I worked on while at MR Associates in 2012) (Created March 2013: A recent Drupal 7 site with the calendar module installed) (one of two rental sites built in Drupal 7 in 2011) (A WordPress site with a custom theme) (XHTML and CSS) (XHTML and CSS with a little Flash)

Drupal 7
JavaScript (jQuery)